How To Get The Best Saltwater Trolling Motor Online

How To Get The Best Saltwater Trolling Motor Online

There are lot of factors that must be kept in mind if you are going to buy new product, especially when you are going for ride in sea with that, where no mechanic will be there to help you. So we will start with trolling motor first. These days a number of options are available for trolling motor with different type and styles, we will help you to narrow your search for the best trolling motor.

Going to the Basics, Trolling Motor Comes in Two Styles.

–  Transom mount

–  Bow mount

Transom mount is installed at the back end of boat, while the bow mount is installed at the front side of boat. Transom mount style is mostly used on smaller crafts. Bow mount style is used for larger boats.

Voltage And Thrust

Trolling motor is available in these voltage variations that are used on different type of boats depending on their use and need.

If you are having a smaller boat then a 12-volt trolling motor will work fine for you, talking about the thrust for smaller boats it can be between 30-55 lbs depending on weight and size of boat.

If you are using medium craft then you need a 24-volt   trolling motor that must have a thrust power of 70-80 lbs will work fine for your journey.

If you are riding a bigger boat that means lot of weight then you must have a trolling motor with 36-volt capacity. A lot of thrust power is needed also; it must be 101 lbs for large crafts.

Shaft length

Now if you have selected your trolling motor style and which type will be best, either it bow or transom. Let’s have a look at the length of the shaft, which is an important aspect. For instance if the length of shaft is too long and you are in shallow waters, that would not work well for you. For smaller boats with 12-volt capacity the shaft length can vary from 48 inches – 52 inches.

For medium crafts that length can be of 52 inches. And for the bigger crafts the length of the shaft must be more than 62 inches.


Basically there are four variations available these days in the market; you can select any one you like depending on your need and comfort.

  • Hand controlled
  • Foot controlled
  • Co-pilot Controlled
  • Auto – pilot Controlled

You can select one that fits your need; it depends on how much time you can give to the controls of trolling motor and what kind of work you are performing while you are at your craft.If you have any doubt about best battery for trolling motor then check out this online guide trollingbatteryguides which help you to selecting the best battery for your trolling motor.

With the advancement in the technology new features have been added to the trolling motors and are available under a number of brand names. With the built in battery gauge you can easily have an estimate of how much power is left in the trolling motor battery and that will help you when going for longer rides. Digitals displays show you the data of depth and the speed, although these facilities are available in higher models.
Hope you enjoyed the article. Have a nice fishing time.

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