Important Factor Consider While Selecting Manual Log Splitter Online

Important Factor Consider While Selecting Manual Log Splitter Online

When it comes to splitting large quantities of logs, it turns out to be painful to do the job with an axe. This is old fashioned as well, and there are electronic devices available in the market, which can be expensive to you. The ideal option is to count on the self-made of manual log splitter at home. This will save you a lot of money. You will be able to do the work faster. And it will be less time consuming. In order to achieve utmost economization in this aspect, you need to learn the process of making them manually. You need to follow a few simple steps in order to make the log splitters on your own. Once you get in touch with this procedure, there will be no hitch to make a log splitter at home and you will be saved from the labour of using the axe.Clarke-Log-Buster-4-Manual-Hydraulic-Log-Splitter

Materials needed:

You need the following materials in order to make the log splitter on your own:

  • Control valve to adjust the pressure
  • Steel pipe which is about 20 inches long,2 inches This will support the structure of the blade
  • Saw
  • 5-gallon hydraulic tank
  • An cylinder
  • Hoses
  • Welding torch
  • Steel support and wedge system to serve as the base structure
  • Four steel blades which are ΒΌ-inch thick, 4 inches wide, and 10 inches long


  • The first step that you need to follow is to make the steel blades. There will be four blades in all, placed at an angle of ninety degrees to each other. You need to cut twenty inches of steel and shape them into blades. After welding them at the desired angle, you have to let them cool down and this is the main part of the device.
  • Next, you need to set up the system of the hydraulic pump. The amount of work you do will determine the amount of pressure you have to apply. Normally, a pressure of 1500 psi is adequate for the work. The setting needs to be accurate in order to get the desired pressure. You need to follow the directions given by the manufacturers in order to set up the hydraulic pump properly.
  • After this, you have to attach the blades to the hydraulic system. The pump needs to generate the energy needed for the blades to rotate. You need to take a precaution in this process. The pump has to be deactivated while you attach the blades to it. After attaching the blades, you need to adjust them, so that maximum efficiency is achieved. It may take a few attempts, but you need to keep on adjusting them until you are satisfied with their position.

There are certain precautions which you need to follow. You have to keep your hands and arms safe from the blades in order to avoid injury. This is crucial while you use this machine. It is relatively cheap and comes handy when you use it for domestic purposes.if you want more information about best rated log splitters then check on online log splitter store.

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