Waste King VS Insinkerator garbage disposal

Garbage disposal unit is undoubtedly one of the most crucial fixtures that you may encounter in most of the modern households. It provides a lot of convenience in finely grinding the organic waste and in terms of environmental considerations. While these garbage disposal units are made available under various brand names, InSinkErator and Waste King are regarded as the most popular brands. They are available in a wide gamut of models and can be chosen based on the individual specification of your house. These two brands have earned a lot of fame among the people due to their high end models with advanced features. Let us compare and contrast the features of Waste King vs InSinkErator to decide which is better than the other.


If you are likely to spend only a little money to purchase a new garbage disposal unit but don’t want to compromise with its functionality or durability, then you can go with the low end models of Waste King. It is true that Waste King 2600 range can overcome the Badger series manufactured by In Sink Erator. But the real fact is that the low price units are not appealing to the customers when compared to durable and powerful models such as Waste King Legend and InSinkErator series.Waste-King-L-8000-Vs-InSinkErator-Evolution

Grinding Capabilities Of Garbage Disposal:

When it comes to grinding capabilities, InsinkErator Evolution Excel is certainly the best one as they have more capability than the Waste King model. Waste King 9800 or 8000 comes with extremely powerful motor when compared to the units in Evolution. The prices of these high end models are usually similar ranging from $120 to $160 but waste king legend units cost around $20 less than the garbage disposal units from In Sink Erators with similar specifications and features.

Noise Levels

When it comes to sound cancellation feature, Waste King Legend waste disposal units include pretty imposing muffling technology but not more than the InSinkErator Evolution series and Excel model. The Evolution garbage disposal unit produces 40% less noise whereas excel produce 60% less noise when compared to standard models. In the meantime, the quick lock technology lets you to install InSinkErator easily when compared to the Waste King.which is best garbage disposal


The low end Waste King models are superior when compared to the counterparts of InSinkErator in terms of performance.you can click here and see some awesome feature of insinkerator garbage disposal unit.However, the higher end units from InSinkErator are better and expensive than the Waste King Models. The units such as InSinkErator Excel and Septic Assist are highly recommended for those homeowners who are utilizing septic tanks. The reason is that these models are incorporated with Bio Charge Technology that utilizes microorganisms to dissolve organic compounds much faster. Of course, Waste Kind Legend units are also more capable and are compatible with septic tank.

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